Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Compare: UCWEB, Opera Mini, TeaShark, Htc , Skyfire and Bolt

Not all phones have built internet mobile browser according to the desired capacity. For example quickly open a web page, save the use of data, download files, til open a web page that is more complex. This opportunity seems to be used correctly by a third-party developers to create superior browser for mobile internet. Intrigued with the development of mobile browser technology? Here is a test for 5 popular mobile browser: UCWEB, Opera Mini, TeaShark, Skyfire and BOLT.

Test to open complex web pages
When tested for the opening pages of quite complex, Skyfire be the fastest and winning a few seconds of Opera Mini that occupies the second place.
UCWEB be the slowest to record up to 26 seconds. Compare with Skyfire which takes only 11 seconds.
Skyfire factor based Symbian, because there was no connection check before loading the page is a factor that accelerates the performance of Skyfire. Skyfire does not pass through virtual machines like other browser applications based on java.
TeaShark, Skyfire and BOLT display page that looks exactly like on the PC while Opera Mini and UCWEB make adjustments so that the page is compatible with the phone's display.

Menu and Navigation
Fifth browser basically includes a navigation system similar to optimize, it's just a different placement of the menu.

Search Engine
UCWEB provides various search engine services like Baidu, Google, Yahoo, and others. Web search engine can also be based on categories such as web page, music, pictures, or maps.
Opera Mini, TeaShark, Skyfire and BOLT are both only provide search engine Google. Opera Mini adds to the existing search. BOLT is also equipped with internet search engine like Bing Search, Find Dictionary, Search for Twitter, Weather information and Wikipedia Search.
Google's view on Skyfire and the BOLT is similar to a PC display. When enter a search word, Skyfire and BOLT allows you to directly type in the word you are looking at the browser screen. TeaShark require that you enter the menu typing first.

Streaming Video Capabilities
Opera Mini and TeaShark can not play video streaming services. While UCWEB, actually has a feature online media streaming playback to enjoy. But in an experiment to open Youtube page, the browser displays only blank pages.
When opening streaming video hosting with Skyfire, streaming video can be displayed properly in the browser page, sounds and images look clear. Indeed, Skyfire is compatible with the format of Adobe Flash and QuickTime.
BOLT showing video streaming from sites like video streaming hosting and in a separate video player. Wizard is available for the video player when he played it the first time. When tested open, the video streaming that appears only produce sound without pictures.

Download Manager
TeaShark and Opera Mini does not have a download manager features. However, Opera Mini can save a web page if the phone has JSR 75 support capabilities.
Download manager on UCWEB support large file downloads with pause and resume the ability to resume interrupted file downloads.
BOLT and Skyfire have the ability to download and save the image. Skyfire slightly superior because it has several storage options.

Availability Shortcut
Sometimes access to time-consuming menus. The fastest way to access a feature is to use a shortcut. All the tested browsers have a shortcut, but UCWEB and Opera Mini has been a complete shortcut. Shortcut on Skyfire and the BOLT is only limited to the *, #, and some numbers.

Competitive Features
Each browser brings superior design features that appeal users. UCWEB supports RSS subscription functionality so you can get the latest information. You can log in directly via phone or by opening
Opera Mini claims a compression capability up to 90% smaller than the original website.
TeaShark have 2 types of zoom. First zoom to view, and the second based on the zoom section. That way you will be facilitated to see a large page in the display screen width of mobile phones. TeaShark also features a smart bookmark web address entry, find text, built-in web search, RSS reader, in-line editing and permanent history.
Skyfire browser is not merely a convenience but also gives you to activate your Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and several other news sites directly from your browser.
BOLT also provides downloadable applications such as calendar widgets and simple calculator.

For surfing, Opera Mini and Skyfire is the best. In addition to faster, they also have an shortcut menu and comfortable.
BOLT has the most comprehensive search menu, but its browsing capabilities not as good as Opera and Skyfire.
If you like to download the file, use UCWEB download manager who has the best. But if you want to watch online media, the choice fell to the Skyfire that magically includes video player capabilities directly into the browser.
Note: Testing by using the Nokia N95 and the connection via Telkomsel GSM.

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