Tuesday, November 16, 2010

After a long wait, Google Voice finally arrives on iPhone officially

After all the brouhaha over Google Voice application being rejected by Apple past year which further led to govt investigations, the Google-Apple feud seems to have finally settled with the arrival of the official Google Voice iPhone application.
If you are wondering what the feud was all about, here is a little refresher:
Google had submitted the Google Voice Application to the Apple App store about an year and half back. Apple rejected the application and further yanked out all the 3rd party applications which supported Google Voice from their App Store stating that the service was duplicating their own voice calling system. This lead to a massive FCC investigation and Google launched a Google Voice webapp for the iPhone ditching all their plans of creating a native application.

However, Apple recently relaxed their App Store Guidelines which led to reinstatement of  all the 3rd party Google Voice applications like GV Mobile and GV Connect and paving the way for the official Google Voice application.
This application is completely free unlike its 3rd party alternatives like GV Mobile and GV Connect and can be used to access all the major Google Voice features on your phone like Making International calls, Sending SMS, Voicemail transcription etc. The application also features push notifications and your calls (most of them) will be made using Direct Access Numbers. The application is compatible with iPhones running iOS 3.1 or later and you should a valid Google Voice account to use it.

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