Saturday, November 27, 2010

LG Optimus Chic Review on PhoneArena

LG Optimus Chic Review on PhoneArena: “The LG Optimus Chic was one of the two handsets announced simultaneously in the first press release about the Optimus line, and its alleged virtues were that it will look good, and run Android 2.2 from the start. Well, fast forward a few months, and the Froyo-blessed handset is in our hands for a review, so let’s give it a chance to prove just how chic it is…Design:The streamlined design of the LG Optimus Chic is indeed a looker – entirely black with a chrome-like rim surrounding the phone is always classy. There are no sharp edges, just smooth curves both in the corners, and on the back. The plastic feels a bit cheap, we’ve come to expect soft-touch coating in well designed handsets, but we guess LG wanted to keep the phone glossy all around, so as to justify the “Chic” moniker

Aimed at the fashion-conscious consumer, the LG Optimus Chic has an appealing design with its glossy black plastic body, surrounded by a chrome-like subtle rim. What takes some points out of the design is the weight, and the fact that the touch buttons underneath the screens require significant pressure to operate properly.
The Froyo experience could be smoother, and the lack of full Adobe Flash support kind of misses its purpose, but still we’d take it any day before Android 2.1. The phone does good photographs in daylight, and an average job when the lights are dim. Overall, a decent Android 2.2 handset by LG, which might deserve its Chic moniker if you are a black-on-chrome design aficionado. If you are looking for alternatives, the HTC Gratia (HTC Aria in the US) has the same specs, but is running the previous version of Android and has a smaller battery. The Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 or the Samsung Galaxy 3 could also be considered, but only if the price is lower, since both have 3MP cameras and smaller batteries than the LG Optimus Chic
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