Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nokia N8 review Operating System & Display

Nokia N8 is a product of Nokia's brand-new multimedia brings together two new things at once. That is standard mutimedia latest Nokia, and Symbian operating system version that most update. Both seem coherent and complementary. "IPhone Competitor" are the two most appropriate words to describe the Nokia N8.

Using capacitive touch screen is responsive, bringing together the battery into the casing which can not be opened, put the SIM card slot in the hotswap mechanism and by simply providing a single button on the bottom of the screen, reminding us of the most successful multimedia phone made by Apple, iPhone.
However, instead of the imitators, N8 precisely optimize their abilities and as shown on the iPhone, that they could be better.

Operating Systems
Upon reaching the fifth edition of Symbian OS with its 5th edition, Symbian does not grow into Symbian 6th, but the Symbian^3. It looks not much different from Symbian 5th and 3rd are already comfortable in their respective markets. But with the addition of several sections including a few things familiar to fans of other operating systems.

If the IOS (up iOS4) and Android, you can get multiple desktops (view home with a number of pages that can be utilized and personalization), then you can find in this brand-new Symbian. Also with a view widget that can be personalized.

But the software side, the OS environment is still friendly with real applications designed for old Symbian, especially 5th edition which also has a touch interface.

Some of the additions does look complicated example is the support that Qt cross-platform applications for developing applications with a broad designation and Web Runtime. Join the language C++ to be maximized in the phone that endorse them.

Nokia N8 is the first phone with this OS. But do not worry about the level of difficulty that will be found. In fact you will find no difficulty at all, if you are already familiar with the Symbian 5th edition.

N8 bring high-resolution screen, 640 x 320 pixels (nHD) with AMOLED screen. Sounds familiar to you? Yes, this specification is the same specification belonging to some new touch screen multimedia phone. Such as Samsung Galaxy S. From the brightness of the image, N8 able to look equal, but on the density of the iPhone far exceeds the image quality N8.

Not as usual, Nokia sealing the battery in the casing closed. Like the iPhone. During this time, the mechanism is quite difficult when the phone was taken away, because it is not given the freedom to provide battery backup.

As an impact, Simcard house which is usually placed under the battery is now migrated to the side with hotswap mechanism, so that can be removed / inserted without having to turn off the phone. Used slot located next to the memorycard slot. Well this one, is one major advantage N8 because it allows to add memory space as you wish.

The most interesting is the presence of multitouch capability, or whatever the name given by Nokia, which same the way interact the iPhone users with its screen. The same was done HTC for some premium products, both for Android and Windows Mobile.
With this feature, can do browsing, zoom in and out just by pinching the screen, and many more usability.

Other Features
Until this heading, we already know that N8 has a high resolution camera, brand-new OS, a friendly design with the function of the media, and HD capability. And what about the standard features of this Nokia multimedia phone?
Certainly there is the Nokia Music Player, HSDPA for browsing and streaming. Social networks, GPS and Navigation free.

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