Monday, November 22, 2010

Samsung Contour SCH-R250 – red (MetroPCS) Review on CNet

Samsung Contour SCH-R250 – red (MetroPCS) Review on CNet: “The Samsung Contour (SCH-R250) is a basic phone by any standard, but as we’ve said time and again, for anyone interested in making phone calls and little else, simple is just the ticket. It’s certainly far more bare-bones than another contemporary clamshell, the Samsung SPH-M360 for Sprint. We weren’t impressed by the Contour’s low VGA camera resolution, but MetroPCS stocks the candy-apple-red flip phone with a handful of useful apps like instant messaging, e-mail, and driving directions. While it’s technically 3G, MetroPCS’ markets for the most part offer 2.5G speeds, with the exception of Detroit and Dallas/Fort Worth. The Contour costs $49 without a contract.

We tested the dual-band (CDMA 800/1900) Samsung Contour in San Francisco using the MetroPCS network. Although the phone is technically 3G-capable, MetroPCS only offers limited EV-DO coverage in the Dallas/Fort Worth and Detroit markets. Call quality wasn’t bad overall, although voices sounded a little muffled and volume was a tad low. Volume was in the medium range, and fine for our conversations. Our callers reported OK clarity in some calls and some fuzziness in other calls, with some white background noise, but we had uninterrupted conversation.
Full Review Samsung Contour SCH-R250 – red (MetroPCS)

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