Monday, November 15, 2010

Sleep Cycle for iPhone Gets a major update

sleep cycle Sleep Cycle for iPhone Gets a Major Update

Remember Sleep Cycle for iPhone? You know, the iPhone app that helps you keep track and monitor your sleeping patterns? I’ve been using it for quite awhile now, and I’ve got to say, the app is still slick. However, in an effort to make the app slicker than ever, an update has been released, and it’s packed-full of goodness.
Here’s a quick list of key features in the update:
  • an intelligent snooze
  • adjustable wake up phase length (previously was set to 30 minutes)
  • enhanced sensitivity… 5x more sensitive to track your movements while you sleep (cool)
  • full support for the iPod Touch
  • full iPhone 4 retina display support
  • use music from your iPod library as your alarm sound
  • new ‘no alarm’ mode allows you to track your sleep only, without using an alarm
The list of features and enhancements goes on for a little while yet. I can honestly say this is a ‘must have’ update for anyone already running Sleep Cycle on their iPhone.
After a month or so of using the darn thing, I’ve been able to come to the following conclusions:
  1. On average, I sleep 6 hours and 58 minutes per night
  2. I tend to fall into a ‘deep sleep’ state around 3 times per night
  3. I LOVE the intelligent way in which the app wakes you up (it detects when you approach an awake state, and within a 30 minute window from your alarm time will sound a pleasant alarm, which steadily increases in volume. It’s not jolting or ‘alarming’ like almost every other alarm I’ve used!).
Of course, the update is free for anyone already running the app (hit up the ‘updates’ tab in the App Store to find the latest version), but if you’d like to grab your copy, hit up the iTunes link below.

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