Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sonny Ericsson A8i – Review on GSMPress

 Sonny Ericsson A8i – Review on GSMPress: “Recently, Sony Ericsson has decided to conquer the Chinese market, or rather, it is already conquering it with the new A8i phone model. These latest phone models have an indisputable advantage: the support of TD-SCDMA networks. The device has an OMS 2.0 operating system. It is very good and fast. According to the producer, Sonny Ericsson A8i has a stylish, slightly curved design. You can choose black or white one, depending on your preferences. The phone’s dimensions make it really compact and attractive; just 117x59x14 mm. and 136 grams. So, judging its lightness, it should be as comfortable as you’d ever like.

The absence of Wi Fi is of course questionable to say the least, but it’s not definitely certain whether it will be added or not. As is already known, the phone will have 2 MB of internal memory and a special slot for micro SD cards, capable of adding up to 32 GB. It’s still unclear what kind of battery will be chosen, and of course it’s early days speculating about the price. The smartphone will surely have an internal and external light sensor, a 3.5 mm headphones connector, and FM- Radio. Whether it will be possible to remember the waves or not is still unknown. In conclusion, Sony Ericsson A8i has the potential to be an interesting, functional and powerful phone. The manufacturers have taken into account every detail from the design to the technological features, besides they are already famous for the high quality approach in mobile phones industry. Sonny Ericsson A8i is waiting to please its costumers.”

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