Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Alcatel OT-209 review on Cnet

Alcatel OT-209 review on Cnet: “The Alcatel OT-209 is cheaper than many things in life, among them chips, crinkle-cut or otherwise. At 99 pence on a pay as you go contract, it’s a ridiculously inexpensive option if you don’t want to lose your expensive smart phone while out on the razzle, or just can’t be bothered with highfalutin handsets. Carphone Warehouse’s 99p deal will require you to use Virgin’s mobile network and make at least a £10 top-up at the time of purchase. If you opt for Orange’s network, you’ll pay £2.95 for the phone and £10 for a top-up

The OT-209 handles all the basics with aplomb. Texting is simple, and we found the optional predictive-text system worked well. It occasionally failed to automatically suggest commonplace words such as ‘pint’, but adding that word and any unrecognised expletives to the system’s dictionary is a piece of cake. The Alcatel OT-209 isn’t pretty but it’s perfectly usable and ludicrously cheap. As a back-up phone or primary handset for undemanding users, we’re more than happy to recommend it. If you don’t mind spending a few more pounds, you’ll find the Alcatel OT-222, our favourite uber-affordable handset so far, just as usable and much easier on the eye.
Full review Alcatel OT-209 review on Cnet

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