Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How to install Cydia for iOS 4.2

Cydia is the name that is on the heart and mind of every jailbreaker/unlocker out there. It is the Jailbreak App Store which is house to some of the most useful and interesting Cydia tweaks and apps such as SBRotator, Torrent Downloaded Safari Plugin, Parallax and the list goes on. Prior to the roll out of iOS 4.2, some serious work  in form of new features and performace was carried out to make Cydia compatible with iOS 4.2. Steps to manually install Cydia for iOS 4.2 follow after the jump.

Install Cydia for iOS 4.2

Step 0 - Take backup of your iDevice.
Step 1  - Jailbreak your iDevice if you haven’t done so.
Step 2 – Download Safari Download Manager and iFile from Cydia.
Step 3 – Download Cydia for iOS 4.2 package from here.
Step 4 – Navigate to var/mobile/Media/Downloads using iFile.
Step  5 – Tap cydia_1.0.3366-…phoneos-arm.deb, then “Installer”.
Step 6 – Once done with the installation, close iFile.
Step 7 – Reboot your iDevice.
Voila you just got Cydia for iOS 4.2 on your iDevice. Share the improvements you see with us using the comments power vested in you.

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how am i supposed to get those apps if i don't have cydia but i need cydia to get the apps that help me get cydia

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