Sunday, December 5, 2010

Meet iPhone 4 Diamond Queen Edition, the diamond encrusted iPhone 4

Stuart Hughes, the UK based jeweller has done what he has become known for – encrusted the stainless steel iPhone 4 with expensive materials and girls’ best friend – diamonds. He has replaced the exterior of iPhone with expensive and gorgeous looking iPhone 4 and is calling it iPhone 4 Diamond Queen Edition.

Here’s how the Diamond Queen Edition phone stands:
The entire phone’s surrounding frame is loaded with more than 8.5cts of individually placed flawless diamonds, and if that isn’t enough “bling” also comes with a solid platinum and diamond Apple logo on its back. You even get a handmade wallet which is made from Ostrich foot – because Ostrich foot is a material you see every day. The wallet has the functionality to hold up to four credit cards despite having a very slim design.
The diamond cladded 32 GB iPhone 4 will cost you a handsome amount of £18,995 ($29,677). If you intend to buy one, you might want to hurry up as only 50 units were produced for consumers. And Yes, this version of iPhone 4 is the most expensive smartphone on the planet earth.

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