Monday, December 20, 2010

Nokia Phone Windows 7 could adopt in 2011

 iPhone 4 ago  white or  white iPhone 4, Verizon, and there is Windows 7 Phone Nokia: things not necessarily improbable, but who are in the rumor stage long enough that eventually grow weary . Eldar from Mobile Review Murtazin delivers just a layer on the rumor is that the Finnish manufacturer will eventually adopt Phone Windows 7 instead of Symbian.
Although world number 1, Nokia loses market share slowly but mainly lost in image and emerged as a colossus with feet of clay. The firm now uses Espoo both OS, Symbian and MeeGo.
So far available for free with a open-source license, Symbian has been taken over by Nokia. It is the mobile operating system the most widely used (37% market share), but it is not much used by Nokia, its various support has gradually turned to Android. MeeGo is projected to be used on high-end Nokia, as successor to Maemo.
While the development of Symbian is now expected to continue at low speed, Nokia's senior executives have held discussions with Microsoft to use WP7 from the second quarter of 2011 on smartphones 'typically' Nokia (therefore suspected that it will resume the new visual language of the brand). That would be Stephen Elop himself who would have initiated this shift: the new boss of Nokia is the former boss of the branch Business at Microsoft.
If she is attractive, this hypothesis boosting the mid and high end Nokia by using Windows 7 Phone is not easy, especially when we know that the company co-develops with Intel MeeGo. Eldar Murtazin is usually a good source about Nokia, but has recently had some problems with the company on a prototype Nokia N8 ... which had not been forgotten in a bar.

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