Friday, December 17, 2010

Onkyo TW317 Windows 7 Tablet: First Look


They said “First impression is the last impression”! I believe this goes well with Onkyo latest Windows 7 tablet. Fortunately, I get a chance to have a glance at the 11.6″ TW317. And certainly got overwhelmed.

The first think that strike me is the excellent build quality of the TW317. The tablet looks stunning with its giant 11.6″ screen (1366768). The most noteworthy think is that it’s total size is just 295×195x14mm and its thinner than other tablet PCs.

As I mentioned above, the screen of TW317 looks very bright. Only the plastic covering is one think you can complaint since its not made of from the best plastic available in the market. So, some kind of “chess pattern” and even some “dark spots” can be viewed in certain angles. These spots appear when you start tilting the screen.

CPU: Atom N450 CPU at 1.66GHz
Memory: 1GB of RAM and a 32GB Sandisk SSD
Operating System: Windows 7
TW317 is a promising tablet, no doubt. But there are some pitfalls associated with it. Better memory support would have been provided with 2GB of RAM and better CPU when installed with Windows 7. The other limitation is that TW317 is only available with N450 ATOM and have no option to be upgraded with internal memory.
The article is written on my “First Impression”. However I’ll keep you updated with more details of the TW317.

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