Friday, December 3, 2010

Samsung SGH-A197 Review

Samsung is one of the leading handset manufacturers worldwide. You might have seen a plenty of high-end smartphones like Mesmerize, but Samsung also gives simple models like SGH-A197. The A197 has exceedingly basic flip phone design and hence very simple to use. We would recommend this handset only for the occasional users which has variable call quality, plastic construction and low internal memory. A197 is inexpensive and is available at $49.99.
The Samsung A197 is very compact handset with black color and neat lines giving it somewhat a retro look. It measures 3.78 inches by length, 1.85 inches by wide and 0.75 inches by deep and it weighs very light say around 2.68 ounces.

Display and Ports:
The external display is small, however proportional to the size of the phone. It displays battery life, time, signal strength and date. The camera lens is placed above the external display. The volume rocker is present on the left spine while micro-USB headphone jack/charger jack is present on the right spine of the phone. The combined port is actually a demerit as you can make use of only one port at a time.
The internal display is bright and colorful which measures 2 inches and gives a support for 65,000 colors and has a resolution of 160×128 pixels. The backlight time, size and color of the font can be adjusted.
The A197 is very user friendly handset. A navigation array exists below the internal display. The toggle button is slightly raised with a sliver marking around. This toggle is surrounded by soft keys, Talk and End keys, Camera shutter, shortcut control and Clear key.
The keypad buttons wouldn’t be an issue by itself but the handsets buttons are slick and has a cheap plastic feel. The keys on the keypad are backlit and numbers are not too small.
Key specifications:
Price $49.99
Display 2 inches
Memory 128MB internal
Camera VGA
Battery life 6 hours of talk time and 12.5 days of stand by time.

can store up to 450 contacts. Each Contact can give room for five numbers, notes and e-mail addresses. The SIM card can also hold nearly 250 additional contacts. The Phone includes numerous organizing features such as timer, memo pad, calendar, alarm clock, tip calculator, currency converter and a world clock. The A197 supports text and multimedia messaging, Bluetooth and number of POP3 e-mail services like Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail.  You will have to keep in mind that, you will be using clunky Web-based interface for all the e-mail access.
The A197 includes a VGA camera which can capture pictures in four different resolutions. The other settings like brightness meter, self timer, four-balance settings, 4x zoom, night mode, three shutter sounds and spot metering are provided. Unfortunately the video recording option is absent. The Picture quality is just average. Colors appear dull and you will see lot of noise, however that is the nature of VGA beast.
The A197 comes preloaded with My-Cast Weather app. But data use will definitely result you in extra charges. More apps can be obtained from AT&T’s App Center. Must say, the A197 is a basic phone to be an app-friendly handset. It comes with demo versions of Bejeweled and Tetris.
Battery life:
The battery life is rated as 6 hours of talk time and 12.5 days of stand by time.
The Samsung A197 has a variable call quality. Most of the time it is reliable but on some occasions you might hear a bit of static and most of the situations the volume level is too low. The speakerphone quality is also equally variable. The A197 performs its job sensibly well, but it is not our choice for prepaid AT&T mobile phone.

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