Saturday, December 18, 2010

Want Gingerbread on Nexus One? Here’s how you can

This was pretty much on the cards was it not, when we shared with you the news of Gingerbread hitting AOSP, or should I say going open source? Here’s what has happened. Google is yet to roll out the OTA Gingerbread update for Nexus One but a smart developer in Chris Soyars has managed to get an AOSP build of Gingerbread up and running on Nexus One. Steps to install Gingerbread on the Nexus S predecessor follow after the break.

Disclaimer: Proceed at your own risk. Geekword won’t be responsible for any damages that may incur on your device during the process.
Note: The Android 2.3 SDK build is really basic as it contains no Google apps and is not the official Google build.

Steps to Install Gingebread AOSP build on Nexus One

Step 1 – Download Gingerbread build from here.
Step 2 – Copy the build to your SD card.
Step 3 – If you have custom recovery on your handset, then proceed to step 6. Download Amon Ra’s recovery from here here and copy it to the /tools folder in your Android SDK directory. (Download SDK from here if you haven’t already)
Step 4 – Reboot the phone into the bootloader (turn off, hold trackball and power) and plug into your computer. Make sure your hboot verison is 35.0017. (If you have the latest OTA, you should be good. But double-check.)
Step 5 – Type fastboot flash recovery xxxxxxxxxxxx (where xxxxxxxx is the exact filename of the recovery image, including extension).
Step 6 - Now enter the recovery (from choose “bootloader,” then “recovery”).
Step 8 – Wipe data and cache
Step 9 - Flash
Step 10 – Reboot and you got yourself the latest, greatest and the fastest Gingerbread on your Nexus One.

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