Friday, December 24, 2010

Windows Phone 7 launches in Thailand, immediately sells out

According to the Bangkok Post, the Thai launch of Windows Phone 7 was a success, with the only phone available — the HTC HD7 — selling out immediately. It is reported all the units were sold out in a short time.It went for 22,900 baht which comes to $760 more or less, with a 799 baht ($26.50) monthly data plan, though initial adopters get a 500 baht per moth discount for the first eight months.

Thailand became the fifth country to to launch WP7 when Dtac began selling the HTC HD7. Microsoft will not be providing WP7 Asian Language Support until the second half of 2011, so in the meantime, the HD7 is using an HTC application which makes Thai language support possible.

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