Sunday, January 16, 2011

PwnageTool Bundles for iOS 4.3 Beta Released

After iOS 4.3 Beta release, many jailbreakers are eagerly waiting for iPhone Dev team to release a jailbreak solution for iOS 4.3 firmware. However, it seems that they might release their untethered jailbreak tool after the final version of iOS 4.3 made available to public.
Some of the third party apps developers tried to jailbreak iOS 4.3 Beta running devices with PwnageTool and got success with it. Still, it’s being said that the unofficial PwnageTool for iOS 4.3 Beta upgrades the baseband value of your iDevice, so it’s good to stay away from such tools.
To get jailbreak for iOS 4.3 Beta, and his colleagues have released PwnageTool bundles which can be used PwnageTool jailbreak. Here’s what you need to know about these bundle.

PwnageTool Bundles for iOS 4.3 Beta

  1. This bundle provides a semi-tethered jailbreak for iphone 4 on iOS 4.3b1.
  2. You MUST make your own ramdisk to be able to restore, for PwnageTool makes a broken one.
  3. Updated Cydia working on 4.2+.
  4. Your baseband IS NOT upgraded during restore process.
  5. You MUST boot tethered with “tetheredboot” to enjoy unsigned apps.
  6. NEVER run Cydia when you have booted untethered, this will make MobileSafari and others apps crash.
These are the instructions given by PwnageTool bundles developers. If you want to jailbreak iOS 4.3 Beta with these bundles, you will have to create your own ramdisk. Read the following instructions.

How to modify the restore ramdisk?

Tools needed: OS X, xpwntool
  • Unpack the original ramdisk: xpwntool orig_restore_rd.dmg restore_rd.dec.dmg -iv .. -k .. (use the keys from wiki)
  • Mount the ramdisk: hdiutil attach restore_rd.dec.dmg
  • Free up some space: rm /Volumes/ramdisk/(some unneeded large-ish file)
  • Patch asr: mv /Volumes/ramdisk/usr/sbin/asr /tmp/; bspatch /tmp/asr /Volumes/ramdisk/usr/sbin/asr (bundle_path)/asr.patch
  • Change the restore options: edit /Volumes/ramdisk/usr/local/share/restore/options.plist with Property List Editor, add ‘UpdateBaseband’ = false – see for details
  • Unmount the ramdisk: hdiutil detach /Volumes/ramdisk
  • Re-encrypt the ramdisk: xpwntool restore_rd.dec.dmg pwned_restore_rd.dmg -t orig_restore_rd.dmg -iv .. -k ..
  • Replace the ramdisk inside of CFW produced by the PwnageTool with pwned_restore_rd.dmg You can either unzip and re-zip the CFW or replace it inside of /tmp/ipsw dir when PwnageTool is running.

Download PwnageTool Bundles for iOS 4.3 Beta

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