Monday, January 10, 2011

Samsung A900 code unlock

Supported models: A900 ESN changer
To use SPH-A900 ESN Change
First connect the A900 in the QPST EFS Explorer 2.7
First connect A900 phone QPST EFS Explorer 2.7 program
We provide the SPC and entered in the NVM folder \, seeking the $ SYS.ESN
Use SPC and type in the NVM folder, search $ SYS.ESN 
Copy the file $ SYS.ESN on your desktop and open it with a hex editor (UltraEdit32 hexedit, Hx workshop), I use UltraEdit.
Copy the file $ SYS.ESN on desktop and open it with hex editor, I use UltraEdit32
We read the ESN backwards in groups of two, in the above example would
20F945CF, and as 16FB8F3E cheksum
Read ESN copulate in the digit to invest in the example is ESN: 20F945CF and checksum 16FB8F3E
Now using the calculator for the new esn checksum, for example, 20304050
Now use the new ESN Checksum Calculator, by example 20304050
And you edit the file in hexadecimal
And edit file in hex.
ESN 20304050 50403020 RSN edit
Checksum for edit 25B0BE0A 0ABEB025 Cheksum
Save the file, and we went back to edit the EFS Explorer $ SYS.ESN instead of the original file on the
When you restart the cel will have the new esn.
Save and upload the file again editef EFS Explorer to replace the original $ SYS.ESN by $ SYS.ESN
Pulls phone, mobile phone have new esn. Use it in accordance with local regulations Samsung A900 ESN Changer / Reconstruction

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