Wednesday, January 12, 2011

White iPhone 4 coming soon from Verizon

It looks like the Apple’s white iPhone 4 may soon be available for purchase from Verizon Wireless. According to BGR it is a single image buried in a gallery in the bowels of the Verizon Wireless website. After clicking on the “More About iPhone 4” link found on the newest iPhone carrier’s iPhone splash page. Within the Tech Specs section of the popover, the white iPhone 4 is shown as an option under “Capacity and Color,”. Apple has on more than once occasion announced that the white iPhone was delayed due to unforseen problems with manufacturing. The most recent announcement made last year suggests the white iPhone 4 may debut as early as Spring 2011.
Several reasons for Apple’s lack of producing a white model of the phone includes the unlikely excuse that a white version is too hard to make. Is this perhaps a surprise package that Apple and Verizon are planning to pull on the release day or is this just a big blunder

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