Saturday, January 1, 2011

Why Nokia Needs To Do WP7

There have been several in and out of the rumors about Nokia making a phone headset Windows 7 or not, especially now that Stephen Elop (before Microsoft) is responsible for the Finnish handset maker.

Nokia has continued to lose market share. Even in their stronghold, India, recent numbers show that Nokia has lost market share to Android, as well as several rooms. One of the biggest problems in Nokia's platform strategy. Symbian has been the trump card to Nokia iPhone Nokia arrived and sent a bundle of nerves come out with a competitive alternative. So far, Nokia has not been able to challenge any Android or IOS.

Nokia definitely needs time to find a long-term strategy while ensuring the stability of market share in the short term. This is why I believe that a Nokia phone should opt for Windows 7 and Android as a temporary alternative until they are sure of indigenous people with their mobile operating system. Your Windows 7 has a fixed specification sheet and given the experience of Nokia mobile phones that can make the design of a decent job of designing a maximum of two phones - with and without physical keyboard. WP7 together, some resources can be spent in developing a personalized experience with Android once again, no more than two terminals.

WP7 Android and Nokia phones will get some much needed (good) attention and time to invest in their own platform. Nokia does not have to compete with HTC, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, at the same time. They can forge partnerships with Google and Microsoft for the short term, while competing with other phone makers and place themselves as a competitor in the long run with all four.

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