Sunday, February 13, 2011

Get GreenPois0n RC6 to jailbreak Apple TV 2G

As we reported last week, the Chronic Dev Team has now released another GreenPois0n update, GreenPois0n RC6, for Apple TV 2G users. In previous untethered jailbreak tool, the hackers have added support to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.
If you’ve been waiting to jailbreak your Apple TV, use the GreenPois0n RC6 and follow this simple guide on your computer. GreenPois0n tool will work on both, Windows as well as Mac platform. You can download it from the links given at the end of this post.
For those who’re curious about today’s release, there is nothing special in GreenPois0n RC6; it has simply been released to support Apple TV devices.

Download GreenPois0n RC6 to jailbreak Apple TV 2G

Download iOS 4.2 for Apple TV 2G

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