Wednesday, February 23, 2011

PR 3.0: New interface for Symbian

It is about the expected arrival of Update PR 2.0,Nokia has promised her a total renovationinterface to all Symbian phones ^ 3, and after seeingthe first images we reasoned that are incorrect.

PR2.0 Step: Update PR.20 be focused on stability and update of applications, oea housekeeping, including the expected changes are:

  • New v7.3 with a web browser interface and completely renovated in QT writer. Flash Player will have support for 10, new set of favorites and best of all, count on Sport for HTML 5.

  • The preinstalled version of QT will be updated.

  • QWERTY keyboard in portrait mode, this is strange for S60v5 as the S ^ 3 so do not bring expected to include a new keypad redesigned for capacitive screens

  • Symbian currently has 3 ^ 3 desktop customization, but this changed in the update allowing PR2.0 have 4 or more desktops.

  • New effects, or at least better desplzamiento fluides in the desktop giving an effect similar to IOS desplzamiento 4.

  • The Image Gallery and timetable will be replaced by versions writtenin QT for what you get looks very similar to using the Nokia N900with Maemo 5.

  • Pero esto no acaba aqui ya que durante una conferencia en el MWC 2011 Nokia mostro una imagen hablando sobre el futuro de la plataforma Symbian y en ella aparecia la nueva estructura de menu que llegara con la PR3.0.

    Here's a fusion of ideas that had to Symbian ^ 4 adapted to the newcompany plans to Symbian ^ 3 minimizing the information barabove and renovating the lower menu bar with new features. And the latest news is this new image of the Nokia N8 presented at aconference today.

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