Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Symbian^3 Custom Firmware v6 for Nokia 5800, 5530, 5230 & X6

After several testing guys over Symbian Latino have successfully created Symbian^3 Custom Firmware v6 for S60 v5 phones adding support for Nokia 5800, 5530, 5230 & X6.
  • Automatic key rotation (alphanumeric QWERTY)
  • Based on the latest versions of firmware 5230 (v21), 5530 (v32), 5800 (V52), X6 (v30)
  • Ovi maps and supporting integrated 6.3 to download maps from the Field
  • Rotate the slide release
  • New integrated Reset option in the options by pressing the Power Button
  • Integrated Nokia app notifications, so you can see all activity on your phone in a single widget
  • Message Reader in Spanish
  • All Nokia N8 icons now change if you change the subject
  • Media bar icons change when you change the subject
  • Fixed error “Camera in use” when taking a photo
  • Music Player v15.2 integrated with lyrics display
  • If you close an application releasing RAM memory is cleared again.
  • Solved the problems when installing QuickOffice
  • New Sounds in Nokia’s exclusive C7 Interface
Full characteristics
  • Interactive desktop with Widgets
  • Languages: English and Spanish Latino 5230 5530 and 5800, (Spanish Spain) RM-559 and the 5800 version
  • You can install anything you want without signing applications, or perform any process, no more expired license!
  • Integrated mail client with support for all your Hotmail, Gmail, Ovi, etc.
  • Unlock and release horizontal swipe added
  • New font much more modern and fitted with the new menu, the original source is huge !!!!!!!!
  • 4×4 menu reorganized and custom folders
  • Added 3 new widgets shortcuts so you can get full screen access.
  • 79 MB free internal memory and 58 MB free RAM
  • Clock Widget is now removable so you can remove it and have a Full Swipe
  • Removed the poster to show all applications running on the drop down menus
  • Java applications and bring all permits WRT enabled to avoid so many unnecessary requests
  • You can send any file protected by Bluetooth, no more restrictions
  • Added new audio codecs for stereo sound better
  • Sound a lot stronger than the original firmware
  • Added SMS Conversations
  • In the Ovi mobile is identified as a Nokia N97 so have many more programs compatible
  • Improved effects and without delay
  • Facebook added tactile equipment browser bookmarks
  • Gallery reconfigured to not read images in system folders
  • Dark S60 startup image and sound a bit low not to disturb
  • Removed some startup applications to have more free resources.
  • Browser Cache grown and moved to E

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Pawszkie said...

Pahelp naman, Paano po ba ito gawin? Step by Step? :))

susane said...

Your work surprised me a lot because it's been a long time since I found this wonderful sharing.

voyance sérieuse et gratuite

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