Sunday, October 16, 2011

Social Networks: performance comparison

 Have you ever wondered what is the social network faster today? OhMyGov you, and from research carried out, very interesting details have emerged on sites Social we use every day. The question that many have sought answer is: what is the social network faster? Millions of people spend several hours a day on sites like Facebook and Twitter , but it is unlikely that reports have emerged on these network performance data.
As for speed, is Facebook to reign. In fact, the Social developed by Zuckerberg is by far the fastest, while LinkedIn is the second place followed by Twitter and MySpace .

 Here are the average response times:
  1. Facebook: 0.73 seconds
  2. LinkedIn: 1.33 seconds
  3. Youtube : 1.58 seconds
  4. Twitter: 2.73 seconds
  5. MySpace: 5.09 seconds
As you can see, even if not fully embodies the philosophy of social networks, YouTube is also in the ranking in a very significant, considering that it is always a website full of video content heavy. Speaking, however, reliability and security, Youtube to reign, while Facebook is still in second position followed respectively by LinkedIn, Twitter and MySpace.
Moving on the user side, we find that Facebook and Youtube are not only social Web sites considered safer and more reliable, but also the favorite and most used. In this context, Twitter is placed third, while LinkedIn is the fourth. The female population is the one that exists on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and LinkedIn, although only slightly (51% vs. 49%) are men to be more present.
As a final consideration, from the point of view economic and social environment, LinkedIn users are to be those with the highest income, followed soon after by users of Facebook and Twitter.

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