Sunday, October 9, 2011

Try the new versions of Google and Google Music +


Available until now, Google applications and Google Music + we will offer you, are those that will be theoretically pre-installed with the next version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Both applications have been broadly reviewed, in order to provide an interface more accessible and comfortable to use.

It is version 4.0.1 for the Google Music with a nice refresh of the interface that is close enough mind Ice Cream Sandwich. Particularly with the new tab, clickable icons on the slopes and the shortcuts of the music played changed, "read" and "next song" were deleted in favor of "research." The bubble that appears press and hold on a song or artist has been changed, removing the ability to select the music available in offline mode (offline) ... Apart from that, the player interface is also seen refreshes, with the ability to love or not listened to the songs in the album, to listen more or less often the track in question.

+ Google's side, already growing to version 2.0! First, the layout of the main page was changed: the Google logo + is seen to cut back on the top right icon on the same line as the counter notification that was once at the bottom. The circles were colored and refined with the addition of miniature pictures of contacts in circles, with easy access to their contact list through the second tab. The news feed gets a new icon in the upper left and right on the creation of an ad. In short .. the other changes are fairly minor: the gallery is displayed in a grid, notifications folding bar was touched up, and a widget is now available Honeycomb.
To try, go to Android Police:

Note: To uninstall, simply delete the updates installed in my applications.

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