Saturday, March 6, 2010

HTC Desire, Legend and HD Mini show up on Amazon UK

Slowly but surely, HTC’s latest trifecta of handsets is making its way westwards. After appearing on Amazon’s Deutsche hub with a pre-order value of €519 ($707), the Desire has now reached the UK with an even steeper £528 ($795) price and an estimated arrival time of April 1. Let’s just hope this pattern doesn’t continue or we’ll be looking at a four-figure sticker when this thing comes all the way Stateside. The HTC Legend is also slated for an April 1 delivery and carries a price of £400 ($602), while the HD Mini will straggle a tiny bit with an April 14 launch and a palatable £369 ($556) price. All are without contractual obligations, so it’ll be interesting to see what incentives carriers can come up with to get us to jump on board.

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