Friday, November 19, 2010

Nokia States Number of N8s aren’t Switching On

 A couple times this week, we received a tip or two about Nokia N8‘s failing in significant quantities. Since our review unit has been going strong, we figured we’d hold off on posting anything until we figured out what was going on.
Nokia’s own Niklas Savander just commented on the situation yesterday, stating that the number of affected units is “very small” and that Nokia’s warranty rules apply and will cover repair, so owners of dead units should head on over and contact their local Nokia Care center.

“We have been getting excellent feedback from consumers on the capabilities of the Nokia N8, but in the last couple of days you may have seen stories in the media about a very small number of users reporting that their Nokia N8 is not switching on as it should. Product quality is a top priority for Nokia, so we’d like to take this chance to offer you some clarification on the topic.
Watch a video where Nokia’s Excecutive Vice President Niklas Savander talks about the Nokia N8 quality and what we are doing to make sure people can get the best possible experience with their device. As always, normal Nokia warranty rules apply here, so if you encounter any problems with your device, we advise you to contact your local Nokia Care.”
More details over on Nokia Conversations.
Admittedly, it’s quite unfortunate that something like this should happen. Especially considering how long it took Nokia to release the N8. However, Nokia’s whole honesty about the situation is commendable.
Are you an N8 owner who’s been affected by this problem? Managed to get it fixed? Let us know in the comments below y’all.

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