Monday, December 20, 2010

Google Chrome10

Google does not slow down the pace and now offers Google Chrome 10 in the development branch of their browser. A version number that changes every now about 6 weeks and no longer means anything, even if it offers a small smile when we see that the firm of Mountain View is worth noting that this is exactly the version 10.0.612.1 [dev 10.0 - 33.2 MB - Mac OS X 10.5].

In addition to board an updated rendering engine WebKit (534.15) and JavaScript engine V8 (, Chrome 10 is more efficient when loading PDF files and makes his turn in the graphic acceleration sandbox to avoid getting stuck repeating the whole browser.

On Windows, this new version also brings improvements to the Google Cloud Print function, already present in Chrome 9. Chrome Designed for OS, the system can print to it without the sound drivers printer the document is sent to PDF Print Cloud, which brings it down to the printer via your Internet connection (read: Cloud Print: Google sends drivers into the cloud). This version should soon be available for the Mac version of Chrome 10, but may have less interest on our platform, where often the only plugging in a printer driver installation starts.

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