Monday, December 20, 2010

Nexus S is a Weak Phone

Just came across a review posted by Business Insider in which they share their experience of using Nexus S. The final verdict was not that good as you would have sensed from the title of the post. And based on the reasons they gave plus my own take on the phone, I don’t blame them for terming the Gingerbread flagship phone as a weak phone.
Business Insider aren’t impressed by the hardware that Nexus S possesses and had this to say:

  • It really offers nothing new from a hardware perspective.The Nexus S is essentially the same phone as Samsung’s line of Galaxy S Android phones that are found on every major carrier.  There are plenty of Android phones out there with 1GHz processors, front-facing cameras, and OLED displays. It holds up to what’s out there now, but there’s no innovation here.
  • The camera is laughable by today’s standards for premium smartphones. There’s no HD video recording, the flash is weak, and there’s no digital zoom. Samsung included front-facing camera too, but without a built-in chat feature like Apple’s FaceTime, you’re forced to rely on apps in the Android Market. We tried using Fring, but couldn’t get it to recognize the phone’s camera.
  • The phone feels cheap, fragile, and hollow. There’s also a tiny crevice where the plastic casing and screen meet that’s a magnet for pocket lint and other grime. Very disappointing. But at least it’s light.
But they did have a few nice thing to say about the Nexus S:
  • We loved the screen. It’s a gorgeous four-inch Super AMOLED display that’s very responsive to touch. It’s no Retina Display, but the extra real estate does make us wish the iPhone 4 had a larger screen.
  • We were very impressed with the battery life. We were able to keep it going for almost two days of normal use before it needed a charge. However, it’s Android’s nature to keep apps running in the background eating memory and power, so we used a task manager to kill unnecessary apps.
So what’s your take on the review conducted by Business Insider? Is Nexus S really a weak phone?

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