Friday, December 10, 2010

iPhone 4 Diamond Spider Introduced by Alexander Amosu

iPhone 4 Diamond Spider will be the first choice of style lovers as it is a diamond-encrusted gadget that is designed by the famous British jeweler Alexander Amosu. This new limited edition iPhone 4 comes “with 846 VVS1 F color diamonds totalizing 5.66 carats”. You are free to transfer those diamonds to another handset or just turn them into some kind of jewelry when you decide to switch phones. The iPhone 4 Diamond Spider is a limited edition, diamond-studded ‘luxury’ iPhone that goes for around $23,000.

A special golden number will be given to every buyer of this iPhone and each user can choose the golden number based on your choice and preference. You will get the two options in terms of back colors of iPhone 4 Diamond Spider ; one is black and other one is white. Each of them is offered with 1-year, “24hr global concierge service” which, according to Amosu, lets you “access the inaccessible”. The phone is available in the UK, Monaco, United Arab Emirates, and Nigeria through Alexander Amosu.

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