Friday, December 10, 2010

Powerful code to hard reset your Nokia N8

If you've had a bug/error in your N8 mobile phone and have done many ways but failed, then the last way is to do a hard reset on the Nokia smartphone to get to the original factory condition. Nokia N8 you will really fresh as when you first buy a mobile phone.
Usually that causes the phone error is too many applications (including games), software installation error, or accidentally deleting important files. That's why you need to reformat the phone.

Before performing the reformat, it's good to back up your data first (if needed) for all memory will be erased, please first backup your important files such as contacts, personal files and other files.
Make backups as well as all existing data on the 16 GB flash memorynya, because all applications and data available on 16 GB of internal flash memory go too "reset" everything.

So make sure to backup all data before doing a hard reset.

1) Turn off your phone
2) Hold “Volume Down + Camera Key + Menu Key” and press power button until your phone vibrates.
3) Wait until screen show properly… and welcome back!!

Please note that these problems after doing full format:
1. Lost Ovi Maps. However, you could reinstall it by download it here.
2. Also lost Ovi Store 2.0 and can’t reinstall it since it always show “Unable to install”.

Here to fix this problem:
1. Download Nokia Qt Package from and extract the package. There will be Qt 4.7 for Symbian^3 and Qt 4.6 for Symbian^3
2. Copy both of the files (Qt 4.7 for Symbian^3 and Qt 4.6 for Symbian^3)to your Mass storage Nokia N8 and paste it
3. After that, download the Nokia Qt SDK from the link given and installed it to your PC. The installation will take time, so be patient.
4. After installation is done, connect your Nokia N8 to your PC. (Make sure the phone is set to Nokia Ovi Suite first)
5. Wait till your PC fully detect the phone
6. Then go Start > Nokia Qt SDK > Symbian and choose Install QtMobility to Nokia N8 device *This is the most important part
7. It will prompt Ovi Suite and will start installing the appropriate application to your phone. Wait till the installation is finished.
8. Then go to Tools > Software Update and sellect all the update you think its appropriate. After done updating the phone. Unplug the cable from your phone
9. Go to File Manager and Install qt.sis and qtwebkit.sis from Qt 4.6 for Symbian^3 folder
10. Then install qt_4_7_0_opengl.SIS from Qt 4.7 for Symbian^3
11. Open Ovi Sote application, wait till the download links appeared. Click download and start installing Ovi Store
12. Finally, restart the phone then test whether the Ovi Store is restored back or no

Check video below:

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