Thursday, December 30, 2010

Is Rubyra1n Geohot’s jailbreak tool for iOS 4.3?

Want to know the name of George Hotz aka Geohot’s next jailbreak tool? According to RedmondPie, who received a tip from a person named David, George Hotz’s successor to the Limera1n is Rubyra1n as the domain was registered by the famous iPhone hacker on 27th March 2010.
What’s more interesting is that the whois record for Rubyra1n looks similar to that of blackra1n which was a creation of Geohot as well. To add more twist, and were registered on the very same day which says a lot doesn’t it ?
I mean if Limera1n could enter the jailbreak universe as the first iOS 4.1 jailbreak tool, there’s no stopping Rubyra1n from becoming the first iOS 4.3 jailbreak tool. Or do you see a different side to all this?

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