Thursday, December 30, 2010

Verizon iPhone isn’t attending the CES 2011

Now this is not what you want to hear when the Consumer Electronics Show is just one week away is it? According to InformationWeek, Verizon won’t be announcing the iPhone at Las Vegas next Thursday, as speculated earlier. If that’s not on the America’s most  3G reliable network agenda for CES? What will they talk about then? Find the answer after the jump.

Here’s your answer:
Verizon Wireless on Tuesday announced its lineup of speakers for its LTE news conference at next week’s CES show in Las Vegas and the news is likely to disappoint the hoards of journalists and stock analysts who have been predicting the firm will launch a version of Apple’s iPhone.
Instead, Verizon said it will provide “a sneak peek of Android-based 4G LTE consumer devices” during the news conference, which will be Webcast live on Jan. 6.
According to the source, there are a few hurdles that need to be cleared before Verizon iPhone comes a reality:
There are some problems that have to be surmounted before Verizon can offer an iPhone. First, its LTE network is not yet ready for handsets with voice calling capability. Those handsets won’t likely be arriving for a few months at least. MetroPCS offers a Samsung handset for its LTE service, but the device features multimedia and entertainment features and has no voice calling capability either. Verizon’s LTE so far is aimed at data consumption rather than multimedia consumption.
If Verizon iPhone isn’t coming at CES, can we expect it to be unleashed at the Mobile World Congress?
Speaking of Verizon iPhone, there have been a lot of rumors surrounding this never dying topic and you can get all of them right here.

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