Thursday, December 30, 2010

N97 and N97 mini gets a firmware update soon ?

Hi ,my friend  N97 users ,I have seen a good news (cannot make sure , whether it is good or bad right now ,Should be A  good one !)about getting a new firmware for out ill driven Nokia N97 phones.
Nokia N97 is a good device in many terms except the lack of physical memory and the issues caused due to that.After the PR2 of N97 ,we got some breathing space and still live with issues .But the upcoming Nokia N97 firmware 3 or 30 will bring more stability to our devices (hopefully)
Guys at NokiaSaga blog written a piece of scoop news that reveals about Nokia’s preparation to release New firmware soon for Nokia N97 and N97 mini.
This is an official  information page about Yahoo powered  OVI chat  service in Nokia phones,where in the compatible phone list you can see N97’s and N97 mini’s firmware version ,yes the upcoming version are mentioned there.

  • N97 will get Firmware PR 3X(30.00XXXX)

  • N97 mini will get Firmware PR2-2XXXX)

Changelog of Nokia N97 PR 30 and N97 Mini PR 2 ?

  • In the new firmware update of Nokia N97 and N97 may bring  QT integration as it is the latest platform for Nokia software .
  • Some innovative way of memory management (Nokia Please ,Please do it !!!)will come
  • Some UI tweaks ,performance improvements (let us see )

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