Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gingerbread lands on the Windows Mobile powered HTC Vogue

Are you surprised upon reading this? I must admit, I am. Why is that? Well, think about it for a second! Gingerbread landing on a pretty old Windows Mobile device in HTC Vogue which happens to be the CDMA version of HTC Touch. This amazing port feat comes from an XDA developer named dzo who has managed to get the Gingerbread AOSP build up and running on HTC Vogue.
The build is of the basic nature but one that has the major components in working condition with the exception of video recording and GPS.

I’ve built the Gingerbread AOSP release for Vogue and a system image is here:
It’s not perfect yet and as you know I don’t have a connected vogue any more but it should be good as a base for other roms and for testing.

The camera now works and the dialler and other activities should fit better.
Happy xmas.
Hit the source link for more details.

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