Friday, December 31, 2010

Nexus One is one of the worst tech fail of 2010

Guess who else made it to CNN’s top ten tech fail of the year 2010? Nexus One. But the question which arises is this, does the first Google branded handset deserve to be in top tech failures list. Before we answer this question, I think it makes sense to determine why CNN chose to include Nexus One in the not so proud list of failures, in which iPhone 4 antennagate leads the sinking ship.
Nexus One’s name was taken because of the unusual sales model (sell online) that Google adopted :

Speaking of phones that failed …
Google’s Android phone operating system came into its own in 2010, actually outselling phones running Apple’s system by the end of the year.
But Google’s effort at making their own phone to run it, the Nexus One, fizzled fast.
And here’s the thing — just about everyone who tried out the Nexus One liked it. It had features to rival the iPhone’s, and reviewers were kind.
But Google might have gone wrong by originally selling the phone only online. Apparently, folks like to get their hands on their gadgets before paying for them.
Based on the sales model, CNN are 100% right in their selection. But once you consider the fact that Nexus One, motivated handset manufacturers to come up with an impressive line up of smartphones such as , HTC Desire, Droid X, and many more, Nexus One doesn’t look like a total failure does it?

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