Saturday, January 1, 2011

How to solve the -SMS Notification issues- caused by E72 Firmware 052.005–Tips

Here  is a collection  of some known issues/bugs caused by the Nokia E72’s new firmware Version 052.005 and Solutions[Thanks for the Readers of Symbiandreams and Nokia Support Forum ]

  1. No SMS notification or no blinking light in E72 after upgrade of Version 052.005

Solution :

It is due to a big number of SMSes stored in your E72,just delete the SMS s and make the inbox to bellow 100 messages . Now you will get the SMS notification as normal .
Advanced method 1): if it is not worked , delete the messages from the memory card then remove the memory card ,remove the battery keep the phone switch off for 1-2 hours and try again ]/
Advanced method 2): Change the profile settings for sms notification ,vibrating alerts and restart the phone ,that helps in some cases

2.  How to Solve this (SMS notification )problem in Nokia E72 without deleting my messages

Solution :

 1) Go to your messages. Next, go into the “my folders” folder. *Create a new folder, name it whatever you want.

2) You can simply select all your messages in your inbox (hover over a message, go to “that options > Mark/Unmark > Mark all)
3) Once all messages have been selected, move all your messages into your new folder. (hover over message, go to “options” > Move to folder  *select folder you just created
All your messages should transfer into this folder so you can still access them. This should fix your problem without deleting your messages.

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