Monday, December 13, 2010

The Nokia N8 continues to be the favorite choice of the masses

The Nokia N8 was launched back in September of this year and has received extensive reviews, comments and some criticism from well known mobile enthusiasts and bloggers from around the world and according to recent on line public polls conducted by a number of these bloggers, the Nokia N8 continues to be the favorite of the Symbian^3 family of devices launched in 2010.
Let’s take a quick look at the Nokia N8 and see why. The first attraction when you pick up this device, is its 3.5″ screen, it has the biggest and highest resolution screen that Nokia have ever used on any of their mobile devices, allowing you to experience a phenomenal cinematic experience, at home or on the move and all this in HD not to mention that you can shoot and edit your own in stunning HD and then show your family and friends your ‘award winning’ videos through the devices’ HD Multimedia Interface. Check out Nokia’s HD channel on Vimeo for some videos recorded with N8′s.

What about taking pictures, well the N8 has a world leading 12MP camera with the largest imaging sensor on the market meaning you get more information per pixel giving you crystal clear pictures and couple that with a wide angle Carl Zeiss optics and Xenon flash, you have the best portable imaging device in your hands. Here are some pictures to prove it.
The N8 has the best web TV experience when it comes to viewing web content and includes CNN, National Geographic and more channels for viewing. The advanced graphics power of the device makes for an incredible gaming experience for all. This phone comes with all the connectivity you need with WiFi, 3G and something never seen before – USB on the go. So who ever you want to stay in contact with, be it your family or friends, youll never be out of touch. With Ovi Maps’ free driving and pedestrian navigation, that’s right driving and pedestrian navigation, you’ll never get lost again either.
As you would expect from Nokia, the music offering is awesome and with the new player, offers easy access around all your music – connecting through the HDMI to any HD Surround system or even using the built in FM transmitter will allow for an incredible listening experience. It also has a 3,5mm audio jack which means you can plug in any headphones you like, you can also listen to your music completely wirelessly using a pair of stereo bluetooth headphones.
The N8 has full web browsing with multitouch technology and visual history and all of this is made possible by the new Symbian 3 operating system, you can customise up to three home screens, run multiple applications at the same time and pick up where you left off with visual multitasking. On top of all this technology, the phone is completely scratch proof so you can have it with you in your pocket, with your keys and loose change and it wont get destroyed.
The N8 will definitely change the way you have been using your mobile after all ‘It’s not the technology, it’s what you going to do with it!’

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