Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nokia X7 photos leak with AT&T-branding

Nokia’s X7 gaming phone was confirmed today through a pair of photos. Four new photos of the unannounced Nokia X7 just showed up on the internet, and they give us a much better look. The shots give away that it will be an AT&T phone, with prominent badging on top, and would be the first Symbian^3 device attached to the network. It is also clearly visible its 8 megapixel camera, and dual LED’s flash.

The new ??Nokia X7 cell phone design looks futuristic and nice. It is 4.0-inch, same as the E7. What makes the X7 stand out from the rest of the competition would be its quartet of speakers that ought to deliver much louder audio output compared to a regular phone. Performance should be similar on the inside to the N8 and thus enough for the 3D gaming shown earlier. Unfortunately, there’s no word on when exactly the X7 will be available at AT&T, Mobile World Congress 2011 in February next year might very well be the platform on which it will be announced.

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