Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Verizon iPhone is coming right after Christmas

Do you know what time it is? It’s time for this week’s Verizon iPhone rumor. This time MacDailyNews is doing the honors thanks to their credible unnamed source. Rumor has Verizon announcing the long awaited CDMA iPhone right after Christmas.

Here’s what you need to know about the latest round of Verizon iPhone rumor:
  • Verizon held management training for iPhone sales last week
  • Verizon had functioning iPhones (LTE-capable) in management hands for the training sessions
  • Formal announcement coming right “after christmas”, was
  • The formal announcement of the iPhones Verizon debut is coming right after Christmas; “Apparently ATT’s final demand so as to maximize ATT’s Christmas iPhone sales”
  • The Verizon iPhone will be immediately available upon formal announcement
  • Device has been “100% cooked for quite a while” and already shipping in bulk to Verizon warehouses
  • The Verizon iPhone is not being shipped to any 3rd-party retailers in an effort to control leaks
  • Verizon agreed to take 100% responsibility for security, so all the devices will be in their hands until the official announcement date, and they will then distribute thru channels in massive manner (hence early stockpiling)
  • The new iPhone is an LTE device and that fact – the only “LTE iPhone,” exclusive to Verizon – will be the main marketing theme; i.e. “For the new ’4G’ (cough) verizon network” that Verizon has already started promoting
    As rollout of LTE not actually widepsread, Verizon iPhone will have multi-band chip backward compatibility with regular CDMA
  • iPhone 5 was planned to debut in summer as LTE-only, for all contracted carriers, but the clock is ticking and nobody thinks either Verizon or AT&T can get to critical mass to offer an LTE-only version
  • Steve Jobs is said to be upset that carriers cannot seem to get their LTE act together more quickly
  • Apple is “helping” U.S. carriers (money?) to build out LTE more quickly
So, here you have it folks, Verizon iPhone will be an exclusive member/provider of the LTE iPhone, and you can expect it to get a formal announcement and hit the retail stores very soon. Remember this is a rumor, so handle it with care.

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