Monday, January 10, 2011

Nokia Email Beta Update Brings Default HTML View To S60V3 Devices

One of the annoyances with Nokia Messaging for Email on Nokia’s S60V3 devices, like the E72 and E5, is that there is no default HTML View. You have to manual select “View HTML Version” with each email, which wasnt too appreciated by a couple users out there.

Thankfully, Nokia BetaLabs released a new Beta for Nokia Email Today, which brings default HTML View for Emails, a lot of new features and improvements, including encryption support:

What’s new:
  • Open emails in HTML view directly
  • The policy of Data Encryption on device is supported now.This increases security by encrypting all data on the phone memory including Email, contacts & calendar data.
  • New Logging system to speed up problem solving in Email area
  • Autolock security policy supported now with complex password rules
  • Email signature is lengthened (from 256 characters to 2000) for all kinds of mailboxes.
  • Embedded image is supported now in email editor
  • Solved some key synchronization issues.
  • Fixes for tens of critical errors.

You can download the Beta from the page on BetaLabs.

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