Sunday, January 9, 2011

Verizon iPhone will hit retail stores by the end of January

A new day brings a new Verizon iPhone rumor to share with you folks. This time we have Wall Street Journal doing the rumor spreading duty which means we are onto something very good and accurate. According to WSJ, Verizon iPhone will be available for purchase by the end of January. This rumor comes from an anonymous source who as always has inside knowledge on the never ending CDMA iPhone topic.

No one knows if the Verizon iPhone will be similar to the iPhone 4 sans the GSM network or will it have some different hardware specs to brag about. I just hope that it is antennagate free and something tells me it will be free of signal loss issues.
Analysts have put on their thinking cap and see Verizon iPhone having a good year at the US’s largest 3G network. Sales are estimated within the range of 9 – 12 million CDMA iPhone units. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster expects Verizon to boost Apple’s sales by 5% which will obviously please Steve Jobs.
Speaking about Verizon iPhone release date, another rumor sees the CDMA variant of the stainless steel phone going public on February the 3rd. All of this will be cleared hopefully this Tuesday, when Verizon announce the iPhone.

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