Friday, February 18, 2011

Nokia N8 & Nokia C7 OLED Screen Issues Plague Nokia Users

It’s been reported over on our Nokiausers forums that there appears to be a widespread issue with some of the screens used in both the Nokia N8, and Nokia C7 handsets where the colour calibration is off, showing a high area of the colour purple.
Nokiausers member Buxz777 has been on the case on behalf of Nokiausers by publishing posts (linked below) to try and get some feedback from other Nokia N8, and Nokia C7 owners to find out how widespread this issue is. He has also posted up some Test Colour Images, which you can download for free, transfer to your N8, or C7, and check your screen colours to see if you are effected.

Looking at the feedback within the Nokiausers forums, this does appear to be quite a widespread issue with many owners reporting that after testing their screens with the test images, they too are seen high levels of purple on their devices displays.
I have contacted my Nokia source about this issue, and its currently being dealt with by the people at Nokia that look after the Nokia N8 & C7, but as of yet, I have not heard anything back on what Nokia are doing about the issue.

Nokiausers member Buxz777 has taken matters into his own hands and contacted Nokia Care, and arranged to send them his device, with instructions on how to replicate the same results, he, and many other Nokia users are experiencing with their new Nokia devices.
Links to the Nokiausers forums posts from Buxz777 can be found below, the first link has over 40 pages at the time of writing this post.

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