Friday, February 18, 2011

Program Elixir 1.5 a new version

Elixir is a system information application with highly configurable widgets. Displays information about battery, cpu usage, memory usage, internal and external storage (sd-card), display, wifi, mobile network, location services (gps), bluetooth, sync, airplane mode, sensors, etc.

multiple widget sizes
* small widget icons, up to 7*7 icons per screen
* statusbar icons: battery, cpu

Widget icon types:
* battery
* battery current
* battery temperature
* brightness
* cpu usage
* date
* time
* external storage
* internal storage
* memory
* mobile signal strength
* mobile traffic
* wifi signal strength
* wifi traffic
* airplane mode switch
* auto-sync switch
* bluetooth switch
* gps switch (not avaible in 2.3)
* mobile data switch (APN switch, read Tips&Tricks)
* wifi switch
* edit widget mode switch
* application launcher


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