Tuesday, December 14, 2010

5 reasons to buy Nexus S

Before buying a particular smartphone, you might ask yourself why I should go for this handset and not the other options available. Same is true for the recently announced Nexus S. We have compiled a list of reasons that will compel you to go for Nexus S. List awaits you after the jump.

Why you should buy Nexus S

Comes with Gingerbread – Nexus S comes pre-installed with Android 2.3 which means you get to taste the latest sweet from Google.
Be the first to get future Android updates – If you own an Android smartphone other than Nexus One, which will get Gingerbread in the coming weeks, you will know that getting the latest Android firmware update is one painful business. But with Nexus S, you don’t have to wait that long as the smartphone is guaranteed to be the first in the line to get future updates.
Nexus S is NFC enabled – It is believed that future smartphones will be used as credit cards, reading smart tags which requires NFC chip. With Nexus S, you are guaranteed to join the NFC communication party as soon as it begins.
Ideal for gaming – Gyroscope sensor has been incorporated into the 4 inch Nexus S. This sensor, which is also used in iPhones and iPod Touches, is best at capturing your touch gestures, and does the job quite precisely and efficiently, which is what you require in action packed games and racing games.
Nexus S is the first curved screen sporting Android phone – At first sight, it seems that this is a small thing, but it is a value proposition when you consider it offers wider viewing angles. To top that it has a Super AMOLED touchscreen which means real and bright colors.
Do you have any reasons of your to add? Don’t forget to mention those in the comments section. If you are in US and want to purchase Nexus S, then you might want to read these launch details.

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